I am currently involved in several research projects related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) security.

Projects funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission

Nippon-European Cyberdefense-Oriented Multilayer threat Analysis FP7-ICT-608533 NECOMA

NECOMA is a cybersecurity project, one of the six projects funded under the joint call between Europe and Japan ICT-2013.10.1 - EU-Japan research and development Cooperation. Project information is also available in Japanese. I am the coordinator of the NECOMA project for the EU consortium.


The PANOPTESEC consortium will deliver a beyond-state-of-the-art prototype of a cyber defence decision support system, demonstrating a risk based approach to automated cyber defence that accounts for the dynamic nature of information and communications technologies (ICT) and the constantly evolving capabilities of cyber attackers. “Panoptes” is an ancient Greek term meaning “all eyes” or “all seeing”. This term has incorporated into the project name to represent the PANOPTESEC consortium because the overall goal of the PANOPTESEC project is to deliver a continuous cyber security monitoring and response capability. I am the coordinator of the PANOPTESEC project.

Information on past projects