TWiki forked as VC firm misbehaves wrt Open Source community

It seems that TWiki community is forking as there was a dispute between (under pressure of venture capitalists) and the rest of the community, over the trademark 🙁

Always amazing these community issues on open source software.

More details here for instance.

New Debian package for twiki-ldapcontrib 2.99.5, new RFS

Just a note to tell that I updated my packaging of twiki-ldapcontrib in order to try and push it to Debian’s official pool.

Now we’re in sync with upstream’s latest version (2.99.5).

I hope I find a sponsor 😉

More details at :

Debian package for TWiki LDAP contrib adapter (a bit outdated though)

Currently considering my intention of becoming maintainer of some Debian packages, I realized I had not blogged about the packaging I made for TWikiLdapContrib, an adapter for users and groups management in TWiki based on a LDAP directory.

See for more details on this package made for PicoForge.

I should add that it’s a bit outdated wrt the upstream package… but it seems to work for our use in PicoForge 😉

Update 20071005 :

I’ve issued a RFS for version 1.11 of the package, which is the current version advertised on

I’m also working on packaging the future 2.0 version provided by the author.

All details in the link above in Picoforge’s wiki.