2 presentations about Helios, Semantic Web, bugs, etc. at RMLL 2009

In the “Development” track of the recent LSM/RMLL 2009, we (Stephane Laurière and me) have presented two related speeches, about the use of Semantic Web technology in the frame of Open Source projects development.

Stéphane presented SWIM : Semantic Web enabled Issue Manager, which presents an integration of Semantic Web techniques in the Mandriva community support site, and on the desktop. It’s based on results of projects Nepomuk, Helios and Scribo.

I have also presented Tracking bugs on the (Semantic) Web, which explores the use of Semantic Web techniques (RDF) as a mean to render bugtrackers interoperable, to be able to track bugs to the scale of the whole Semantic Web. This is also based on the work we do in the frame of the Helios project.

Enjoy the slides attached to the linked pages above.

Presentation at WOPDASD 2009 : Weaving a Semantic Web across OSS repositories (a spotlight on bts-link, UDD, SWIM)

I’ve just delivered our presentation about the use of Semantic Web techniques and on some of the tools we’re interested in at the moment for our work on HELIOS, at the WOPDASD 2009 workshop.

Here are the slides :

And here’s the position paper (PDF) we had submitted.

Extending bts-link beyond debbugs (starting with mantis)

We want to be able to extend bts-link (or -like services) so that bugs linked between different bugtrackers can be linked to each-other and the status changes monitored, as part of our tasks in Helios (see LinkedBugsMonitoring).

We’ll probably try and work, until July, on connecting to Mantis as the “distribution/downstream” bugtracker instead of debbugs, and see what architectural changes would be required to test that for the Helios platform specific needs.

I’d like to be able to have a working prototype for July, which would also demonstrate the LinkedData and Semantic Web approach to navigating the bugs of the open source ecosystem, so that we can discuss it at the Debconf. I’ve filed a proposal for a paper at DebConf for this purpose : towards more semantic web into Debian servers (UDD and likes) (see previous post on that matter also).

I suppose that our Mandriva colleagues will be able to move on on bugzilla for SWIM/Mephisto so that we can quickly have very interesting prototypes.

I miss time to describe all that in more details (and will appreciate the coming holidays week 😉 ).

Comments welcome, of course.

UDD export as RDF data through D2R and a corresponding mapping definition

(this is a copy of a post I made on the debian-qa list)

I’ve been pursuing previous ideas about the use of Semantic Web standards for publication of facts about Debian using the UDD database as a source.

FYI, I have a running prototype (unfortunately only on my laptop at the moment, hopefully on the Web some day soon) which uses D2R, a server which can publish RDBMS tables as RDF documents, using a mapping description.
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Introducing MEPHISTO (aka SWIM before)

Mandriva (Helios project partner) introduced us to SWIM, which was later renamed as MEPHISTO, a project for “Meshing People, Hardware and Software Together” during the Helios WP3 kick-off.

I’ve already blogged about it previously, so you may have already an idea of the pursued goal : adding more semantics to databases of facts about FLOSS projects.

Here are the slides presented by Stéphane Laurière (ODP), for those interested.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with it in the frame of HELIOS, mainly on bugs facts.

Update 2008/03/03 : the mephisto project is now open @Google code, if you’re interested in participating.