RFS for phpgroupware

I’ve just completed a repackaging of phpGroupware for Debian, so I’m asking for sponsorship by a Debian developer (RFS sent to debian-mentors).

Potential sponsors, see you in FOSDEM tomorrow and sunday, maybe 😉

Update 2008/03/06 : Loïc Dachary generously proposed himself for sponsoring our package. I have updated the package whose source is still at the link above, to correct a few minor bits. Let’s hope it will make a nice journey to Debian NEW now.

Sympa and phpGroupware (soon ?) in Debian testing

Cool. We make progress on the PicoForge (1.1) dependencies in Debian :

  • Sympa was momentarily out of testing, since it had a “grave” bug when trying to install it over PostGreSQL. I found a workaround, I think, so removed the grave status of that bug, and now Sympa is back in testing. We’re still working out a proper fix… but in between I think I found something nasty around debconf and locales… more details later maybe.
  • phpGroupware, may soon come back to Debian. Due to its maintainer MIA, it was removed from Debian (testing and unstable), so we (Christian and myself) motivated to take over the maintenance of the package, and finally filed an ITP. Let’s see if we find sponsors, and how we manage to maintain it (we habe setup a project in PicoForge to do so)… I hope it won’t be too much work, and that the upcoming 0.9.18 will help lower the maintenance efforts.

Now all this is improving, we may concentrate on PicoForge again ? 😉

AJAX interface for phpGW admin module

We’ve had 3 students, Laure Chivot, Franck Duchi and Mathieu Talibart working on improving phpGroupware’s user interface in the admin module, trying to use AJAX techniques.

They’ve achieved some encouraging results using the Yahoo! UI Library (YUI).

You’ll find some screenshots of the results here.

All they have developped is archived in a project on Picoforge at GET/INT (phpgwadmin project), waiting for more work and maybe integration upstream.

Step by step development of Hello Word application for phpgroupware with hooks and database

I’d just like to emphasize (and help google find it 😉 that my collegue Christian Bac has written a tutorial about how to program a module/application in the phpGroupware framework.

If you’re interested, it’s available here : “Step by step development of Hello Word application for phpgroupware with hooks and database“.

Christian has used it for master’s courses, and is improving it from time to time, so stay tuned 😉