Towards more CAS-related packages in Debian (SSO for web apps)

We have setup a collaborative maintenance project named pkg-cas for Debian.

The goal is to have more packages available in Debian to be able to use the CAS SSO (Single Sign On) framework for web applications.

More details at :

Feel free to join !

New Debian package for twiki-ldapcontrib 2.99.5, new RFS

Just a note to tell that I updated my packaging of twiki-ldapcontrib in order to try and push it to Debian’s official pool.

Now we’re in sync with upstream’s latest version (2.99.5).

I hope I find a sponsor 😉

More details at :

Unofficial Debian packages for missing phpGroupware modules

I’ve updated the source package’s construction rules so that unofficial
Debian packages can be constructed for all phpGroupware modules not
officially included in the Debian archive (the new debian/rules and
associate stuff is only in our SVN at the moment, not yet in the
official Debian source package).

The trick is to regenerate the Debian packages with a special flag :
excerpt from :

Unofficial packages for other modules

You may try and re-generate local unofficial Debian packages for other
modules not maintained in the official Debian archives.

To do so, please unpack the Debian package sources, and rebuild it with the following command :

$ BUILD_NONDEBIAN=1 dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -b -rfakeroot

Setting the BUILD_NONDEBIAN flag, will instruct the debian/rules
script to produce all the phpGroupware modules included in upstream's
tarball with a version whose suffix will be "-unoff1".

RISK (well, the same stands also even for the official packages, of
course). The Debian maintainers only provide this as a convenience for
phpGroupware users. Bugs should be reported upstream for these
unofficial packages.

I have generated and uploaded such packages in an unofficial archive at (see
apt/sources.list instructions at )

Any comments, tests or feedback much welcome.

phpGroupware back in Debian lenny/testing

Cool. phpGroupware is back in the “testing” Debian distribution (a.k.a “lenny”). The package uploaded to unstable has nicely made its way through the 10 days delays without major problems, so it’s back in testing.

I hope it will make its way to the future stable too.

Suitable maintained password manager ? hard to find

I’ve been using FPM (Figaro Password Manager) for quite some time with entire satisfaction.

However, it relies on unmaintained technology, (Gnome 1.x I think), and will be removed from lenny, so I envision to switch to another more recent tool for managing the passwords of my various systems, accounts, application setup passwords, etc.

I have reviews revelation which seems to fit some of my needs, but I’m afraid it is unmaintained at the moment. As it is written in Python, I could probably live with that, but I cannot end-up becoming a contributor to any program I use, can I ? 😉

Other alternatives may be keepassx… but it’s C++, and crossplatform… and I’m not fan of these features anyway (QT or windows look, bah). Also it has less import/export options than revelation.

One of the advantages of FPM was that even if it was a GUI program, the format of password store could also be managed with Kedpm (Ked Password Manager), a command-line tool. I’m afraid I’m losing a feature with the switch to revelation, then (still, command-line interface seems on the TODO list of revelation).

So we’ll see what happens… in the meantime, I’ve filed a couple patches for revelation in Debian’s BTS, just for the fix of the bugs I encountered during the quick import of FPM passwords.

Dear lazyweb, any suggestions on how to find a maintained, python based, Gnome password management tool with a command-line interface ?