Preview of the Development session at the forecoming LSM 2010 in July in Bordeaux

During the forecoming Libre Software Meeting 2010 (aka Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) to be held from July 6th to 11th in Bordeaux (France), the “Development” technical track will host 27 interesting talks covering various aspects of software development with and/or for libre software. Among the topics covered, here’s the list of talk titles :
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Vidéos de certaines confs du thème Développement des RMLL 2009

Free Electrons vient de mettre en ligne des vidéos des conférences qu’ils ont filmées aux RMLL 2009.
Une partie des vidéos porte sur le thème “Développement” que j’ai coordonné.

Voici la liste des interventions filmées :

  • Migration à Git du projet GNOME, par Frédéric Peters (GNOME)
  • Méthodes de vote : comment consulter les développeurs d’un projet sans fausser le résultat avant de poser la question, par Lucas Nussbaum (Debian)
  • Développement Open Source : un retour des tranchées, le projet Jajuk, par Bertrand Florat (Jajuk)
  • Comment les outils et l’esprit Open Source permettent de faire de meilleurs projets, par Erlé Le Gac, Bertrand Florat (Capgemini)

Le son n’est pas toujours top, mais c’est fait avec les moyens du bord, bénévolement 😉

Vous trouverez les pointeurs vers les vidéos et les slides chez Free Electrons (en bas de liste).

Et n’oubliez pas : l’édition 2010 remet ça, avec un appel à contributions toujours ouvert.

Excellent presentations on Development at RMLL/LSM 2009

Of course I’m a bit biased because I couldn’t attend other tracks as I was chairing the “Development” track at LSM/RMLL, and because I “selected” the speakers.

I’m really glad to have welcome so many interesting presentations on development questions in libre software projects (or with libre software).

There are much too many interesting bits to mention, and I’m still recovering from the holidays after the conference, but you’ll already find most of the slides attached to the articles (french versions) linked from :

Some videos will follow sooner or later.

Enjoy !

I’m going to Debconf 9… but before, I’ll go to RMLL/LSM

Yeah, I’m also going to the Debconf9 :

Actually, it will be my very first real Debconf as a contributor to Debian, even if I was around at the Debconf 0 and 1 in Bordeaux, which were held during the early editions of the RMLL/LSM.

And I’ll start the July conferences with the LSM/RMLL where I’ll chair a track on development (where Debian will be discussed, btw).

See you in Nantes and in Caceres, to discuss Helios, bts-link, UDD, bugtracking on the Semantic Web, forges, and other interesting matters.

Chairing the Development track at next LSM/RMLL conference (july 2009)


I’ll be chairing the “development” track at the forecoming (10th edition) LSM/RMLL which will happen in July in Nantes (France).

I expect contributions about FLOSS development, so will soon push a formal call for contributions/communications, but here’s already the description of the track contents : Call for Communication concerning the “Development” topic of the 10th Libre Software Meeting (Nantes, France, july 2009) .

If you feel interested in co-chairing, I’d be glad to know 😉