First Bugzilla triplify prototype released to validate ontologies for RDF (Linked Data for bugs)

In the course of trying to propose Semantic Web ontologies that would suite the needs of the free software maintainers, in the frame of Helios, here’s another step.

We’ve just released a first prototype of the use of triplify to export bug facts for bugzilla as RDF, using EvoOnt BOM, FOAF and SIOC.

You’ll find all the details here : as well as a link to the demonstrator.

We’re now looking for candidate Bugzilla owners to test it on real bugs, and why not, to deploy it to contribute to LinkedData with bugs of OpenSource projects.

Presentation at WOPDASD 2009 : Weaving a Semantic Web across OSS repositories (a spotlight on bts-link, UDD, SWIM)

I’ve just delivered our presentation about the use of Semantic Web techniques and on some of the tools we’re interested in at the moment for our work on HELIOS, at the WOPDASD 2009 workshop.

Here are the slides :

And here’s the position paper (PDF) we had submitted.

Extending bts-link beyond debbugs (starting with mantis)

We want to be able to extend bts-link (or -like services) so that bugs linked between different bugtrackers can be linked to each-other and the status changes monitored, as part of our tasks in Helios (see LinkedBugsMonitoring).

We’ll probably try and work, until July, on connecting to Mantis as the “distribution/downstream” bugtracker instead of debbugs, and see what architectural changes would be required to test that for the Helios platform specific needs.

I’d like to be able to have a working prototype for July, which would also demonstrate the LinkedData and Semantic Web approach to navigating the bugs of the open source ecosystem, so that we can discuss it at the Debconf. I’ve filed a proposal for a paper at DebConf for this purpose : towards more semantic web into Debian servers (UDD and likes) (see previous post on that matter also).

I suppose that our Mandriva colleagues will be able to move on on bugzilla for SWIM/Mephisto so that we can quickly have very interesting prototypes.

I miss time to describe all that in more details (and will appreciate the coming holidays week 😉 ).

Comments welcome, of course.