A 30 minutes introduction to git

I’ve been looking for a set of slides that I could have reused to make a 30 minutes introduction to my colleagues at the computer science department.

Finding none that would be suitable (i.e. including graphical examples and not only being the canvas for a workshop), I tried to proceed with making one of my own.

I’ve reused the document git concepts simplified, whose content seemed quite good, and have converted it to a set of slides.

Here’s the result, which has been reworked a bit vs. the original “git concepts simplified” :

Here’s the PDF version.

Note that if you prefer a version that aligns more with the original, here’s also an older version, in : https://github.com/olberger/git-notes/tree/master/gcs

Update: For the lone reader that cannot attend my presentation, I should recommend to read first the HTML version by Sitaram at git concepts simplified, as the slides miss some details (which I’ve kept in the beamer notes only), then only refer to my slides in a second time, for some additions.

If you want the org-mode source (containing the dot source of the diagrams), contact me. I’ll maybe upload the source into some Git repo whan I have enough demand/time 😉

Conférence sur les logiciels libres à des étudiants de Télécom SudParis

Je viens de donner une conférence dans le cadre d’une option de TELECOM SudParis pour introduire le sujet des logiciels libres.

Enjoy :

Lien direct : version PDF.