Presentation of Shibboleth integration in PicoForge at Hephaistos Conference

Here are the slides of our presentation of PicoForge and integration in a federation identity with Shibboleth, made at the Hephaistos Conference.

Update 2006/12/09 : the paper is now online, included in the preliminary version of the proceedings of the conf. It’s also available in PDF format.

Presentation of PicoLibre/PicoForge at phpGroupware Conference 2006

Here are the slides of my presentation of PicoLibre / PicoForge made at the phpGroupware Conference 2006.

We tried and emphasize some issues relating to phpGroupware’s architecture in the last slides… but of course, it would be better with the sound 😉

Update 2006/11/10 : I’ve updated the files in order to reflect the latest version, which is the one I presented, with more details on Shibboleth and Subversion in the FileManager.

“beta” PicoLibre/PicoForge Debian packages

Christian has just issued some new PicoLibre/PicoForge packages in order to be able to get more tests on a hopefully much more phpgroupware-compliant code.

Nothing spectacular so far, but a major rewrite of many picolibre modules in phpGroupware, which should easy a lot maintainability (and enhance security).

Next steps :

  • Integration of subversion in addition to CVS in the picolibre-backend, protected through chroot jail, with SSH and LDAP. It’s almost ready and should be in a testable state next week…
  • Integration of TWiki : some bits are almost ready too : we should be able to use a LDAP plugin in TWiki to be able to use the LDAP users and groups of PicoLibre, and a new phpgroupware application is currently being written to allow project’s wikis creation…

I hope that we will be able to test all that on the production platforms at INT and ENST Bretagne soon (before the Hephaistos and phpGroupware confs in november).

For the installation instructions, for the curious : more details in the CVS

Hphastos Conference : First International Conference on Open Source Collaborative Development Platforms

I’ve just been informed that the Hphastos Conference will be organized next november in Paris.

Here, you will find more details, including the CFP (first deadline : September 15th, 2006) :

Reactivating CoopX : Idea of a project towards interoperable software development hosting platforms

CoopX … that name doesn’t remind you of anything ? …

Well, it’s the name of an old project, started in 2001, whose goal was to try and gather people working on different software development hosting platforms in order to elaborate a standard for interoperability between these platforms.

AFAIK, some progress was made but the project did not deliver anything really useful that could be integrated into the existing platforms. Everybody involved was quite busy elsewhere and the project, only based on volunteer contribution stalled for a while… until its website ( eventually became unavailable (in the meantime a crash of the tuxfamily platform occurred, which didn’t help… but the Internet Archive’s Wayback machine hopfully have saved a copy… although it’s not responding at the time of writing – Update : finally working, so here is the link.).

This kind of idea is still something that might be worth investigating… and who knows, maybe this time, it would be possible to draw enough support to work in way so that existing platforms really benefit from that work.

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