More RDF in forges and in open source repositories of repositories

We have presented a paper at the WopDasD 2008 workshop (right after the OSS 2008 conference) in Milano, explaining how RDF could be used to propagate semantically tagged information from the forges to the “repositories of repositories” collecting facts on open-source projects, and advocating to tighter integration of the forges and the research analysis tools.

I was glad that another presentation was made by Kevin Crowston for a paper written by James Howison about the use of RDF semantic schemas to bring more interoperability between the various repositories of repositories (Update 2008/09/22 : slides here). Btw, they explained what RDF is in the slides just before me, so I got more time to talk about the rest 😉

Also quite interesting was the presentation made by Andrea Wiggins for their paper about the workflow for scientific analysis in these repositories of repositories. I guess there’s some momentum towards more interoperability and more integration here. Maybe some web services could interoperate between what’s on the forges and what’s on the repository of repositories.

Introducing repository of reasearch papers at

In addition to the venerable Planet FLOSS research blog agregator, there’s a new tool setup in order to facilitate the work of the FLOSS research community :

It’s actually a research papers (and other items) repository operated with GNU Eprints. Very good news, which should help manage bibliographic elements and other research artifacts.

Papier : “Collaboration avec des projets libres – enjeux, difficultés et bonnes pratiques” (JRES 2007)

Nous avons écrit un article en vue d’une présentation aux JRES 2007 sur le sujet de la collaboration entre les organisations et les projets libres, essayant de dresser un panorama rapide des meilleures pratiques en la matière.

Voici l’abstract :

Collaboration avec des projets libres Рenjeux, difficult̩s et bonnes pratiques
Christian Bac, Vu Dang Quang, Olivier Berger


Nous souhaitons proposer quelques pistes permettant d’affiner des stratégies de collaboration avec des projets de développement de logiciels libres, pour les organisations basant le développement de leurs systèmes d’information sur l’intégration et la customisation d’applications libres existantes.

Mots clefs
contribution, logiciel libre, open source, meilleures pratiques, debian, packages, maintenance

Update 2007/11/21 : les slides sont en ligne sur le site des JRES 2007.

Update 2007/12/06 : le papier est aussi en ligne sur le site des JRES 2007.
Update 2007/12/19 : l’enregistrement vidéo de ma conf est maintenant également en ligne sur le site des JRES 2007. Continue reading “Papier : “Collaboration avec des projets libres – enjeux, difficultés et bonnes pratiques” (JRES 2007)”

OSS 2008 announced, next september in Milano : get your papers ready !

OSS 2007 was a very interesting conference, which I was glad to attend.

Next edition should be promising too.

I’ve just see an anouncement for next edition, and the schedule for papers submission is tight (December 14th, 2007).

More details at