First webcast of a demonstrator of our bug ontology’s use

We have setup, as part of our work in Helios, a very early demonstrator of a database of RDF facts about bugs in several distributions (currently Debian and Mandriva), in order to try and validate the Ontology describing bugs that we develop.

Here’s a pointer to the first webcast on’s blog, with more details.

Very interesting presentations this morning at OWF about the future of the Semantic Desktop

I’ve attended this morning the OWF session on the future Semantic Desktops, with excellent presentations by Stefan Decker (DERI) on the concepts of the Semantic Web and the Social Semantic Desktop, by the Zeitgeist project guys (Seif Lofty and Alexander Gabriel), and finally by Sebastian Trüg demonstrating the Nepomuk semantic desktop components in KDE.

It was a good occasion to meet these people (together with Henry Story) and talk a little bit about our efforts in the area of bugtracking and Semantic Web, and to discuss the future of the Baetle ontology, and do more teasing for

I hope some day, we integrate the models and tools so that bugs filed on bugtrackers can be referenced and manipulated with Desktop tools through interoperable APIs and common ontologies. More work ahead of us in Helios 🙂

I’ll be speaking about bugs, Helios, at

I’ll be giving a speech on Saturday about our efforts in Helios to foster interoperability between bugtrackers and bugs modeling on the Semantic Web : Bugtracking sur le web sémantique. See you in La cité des Sciences in Paris Saturday at 14:00 (free entrance).