Implementing an example Todo-Backend REST API with Symfony 4 and api-platform

Todo-Backend lists many implementations of the same REST API with different backend-oriented Web development frameworks.

I’ve proposed my own version using Symfony 4 in PHP, and the api-platform project which helps implementing REST APIs.

I’ve documented the way I did it in the project’s documentation in details, for those curious about Symfony development of a very simple REST API (JSON based). See its README file (of course redacted with the mandatory org-mode ;).

You can find the rest of the code here :

AFAICS api-platform offers a great set of features for Linked-Data/REST development with Symfony in general. However, some tweaks were necessary to conform the TodoBackend specs, mainly because TodoBackend is JSON only and doesn’t support JSON-LD…

Oh, and the hardest part was deploying on Heroku, making sure that the CORS headers would work as expected :-/



Convert OWLDoc generated HTML documentation of an ontology to single HTML file

For the needs of the Helios project, I’ve written a script which uses htmldoc to convert the multi-framed HTML documentation as generated by Protege’s OWLDoc plugin to a single HTML document.

Example : the Helios_BT ontology documentation generated by OWLDoc, and the result in one single HTML document.

The Python script is at : (see also the README).