Introduction to bts-link slides

bts-link is a very useful tool which helps keep track of bug status changes when a Debian bug has been marked as linked to another bug in an other (upstream) bugtracker.

I’ve prepared some slides of introduction for our partners in Helios to introduce them to that tool :

These slides can also be found on the helios site (ODP source).

Also, I’ve started contributing to bts-link in the frame of our work on Helios, and I’m glad my contributions have been integrated, although learning git in the way was kind of a pain 😉

More details about bts-link at :

Adding GForge bugtracker support in bts-link

Part of our work in the Helios project will be on bugtrackers synchronisation.

I happened to notice that bts-link‘s maintainer called for help, which triggered more interest in that tool.

I’ve started working on bts-link to see how it works (cool, it’s Python 😉 and if it can be useful for Helios, and started implementing GForge tracker support in bts-link. That should help keep track of Debian bugs wrt upstream bugs for projects hosted in GForge forges (like Sympa, for instance, whose bugtracker is hosted in SourceSup).

You may find my git repo at which hopefull contains my proposed changes (I’m new to git, so I hope I did everything right…).