Will visit Brazil to celebrate Official Year of Brazil in France… and participate to WFS2005

2005 is Official Year of Brazil in France … so that’s a very good time for visiting Brazil.

I will probably do so, as I’m going to participate to the 6th International Free Software Forum, which will be held betw. june 1-4, 2005 in Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil. I will be part of the technical committee of the WFS2005 – 6th Workshop on Free Software.

Now, all I have to do is start learning portugese / brazilian 😉

UPDATE : I have uploaded the slides of my presentation to the PFTCR project’s page : Integration of libre software for in-house application – Strategy for contributions – Example of the ProGET collaborative work platform for researchers at GET. Read also my report (in french) at : http://olivierberger.com/weblog/index.php/2005/06/03/19-compte-rendu-fisl-60-a-porto-alegre

Mise en ligne essai syndication news des progets de recherche GET : Planet ProGET

J’ai mis en ligne Planet ProGET, un essai de syndication des nouvelles des projets de recherche GET.

Ce n’est qu’un test pour l’instant… les nouvelles ne sont donc prendre que comme des tests, et non quelque chose d’officiel pour le GET 😉

INRIA launches its Open Archive in April 2005

Read in Urfist infos : INRIA (The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) is about to launch an Open Archive dedicated to its scientific publications.

I hope it will promote a more open approach in the french scientific community in general, and inspire a new way to think about strategies for valorisation of scientific works.

More details in the announcement posted on Steven Harnad’s page