Compact preview of resources in FusionForge

I’ve been working on the ‘compactpreview’ plugin (in FusionForge’s SVN trunk), in order to support some javascript popups that can be used to display some “compact preview” of users and projects.

As can be see in the screencast below (also here) there are 2 types of compact preview popups :

  • those for local resources of the forge, that are displayed directly, as queried by the JS code on the /users/ or /projects/ pages with a specific “application/x-fusionforge-compact+html“content-type (required in the Accept HTTP header).
  • those compatible with the OSLC compact preview specifications, that can be displayed, should any other application want to display a compact preview. Again, these are served with content-negociation for “application/x-oslc-compact+xml“, which returns a short RDF document, which points to a script of the forge in charge of rendering the HTML compact preview.

The latter is demonstrated in the screencast, for display of popups for remote projects linked to a fusionforge project with the ‘extsubproj‘ plugin I already blogged about.

This code is still new, but will hopefully extend to other forge resources.

In the meantime, I’d be glad to see other forges implement similar mechanisms.

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