Preview of the Development session at the forecoming LSM 2010 in July in Bordeaux

During the forecoming Libre Software Meeting 2010 (aka Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) to be held from July 6th to 11th in Bordeaux (France), the “Development” technical track will host 27 interesting talks covering various aspects of software development with and/or for libre software. Among the topics covered, here’s the list of talk titles :

On development around PHP:

  • SOAP and RESTful webservices with Symfony (Hugo Hamon)
  • PHP development industrialization (Jean-Marc Fontaine)
  • Listen to your PHP code (Gabriele Santini)
  • PHP code audits (Damien Seguy)

On build and compilation tools:

  • Bee Build management tool (Michel Casabianca)
  • Extending the GCC compiler with MELT to suit your needs (Basile Starynkevitch)

On industrialisation, ALM and agile methods:

  • Java development Industrialization using a technical base (Stephane Traumat)
  • Industrialization & agility : the HELIOS project (Laurent Laudinet)
  • Agile development with IceScrum (Vincent Barrier)

On bugtracking (english track):

  • Peer to peer issue tracking with SD and Prophet (Jesse Vincent)
  • Client to deal with great amount of bug for Launchpad: BugHugger (Didier Roche)

On software forges (english track):

  • A new Savane (Sylvain Beucler)
  • FusionForge, one year and a half later (Roland Mas)
  • The Launchpad collaboration platform (Jonathan Lange)
  • Choosing a software forge (Joseph Roumier)

On programming languages (english track):

  • Go: A new systems programming language (Uriel)
  • Perl 5.12 (Jesse Vincent)
  • How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Static Typing (Alexander Heussner)
  • Quick introduction to Ruby 1.9 (Bruno Michel)

On development techniques:

  • NoSql databases access in python (Youenn Boussard)
  • Introduction to libre “fulltext” technology (Robert Viseur)
  • Accelerated development with Quickly (Didier Roche)

and also several other aspects of libre software projects and distributions:

  • How to make applications accessible? (Samuel Thibault)
  • The translation of KDE into french (Ludovic Grossard)
  • The road to GNOME 3 (Vincent Untz)
  • The illustrated guide to your first contribution to openSUSE (Vincent Untz)
  • PLF, the story of a third-party repository like no other for Mandriva (Michael Scherer)

There should be plenty of oportunities to learn and discover interesting tools, techniques or methods. We’re looking forward to welcoming you in Bordeaux. And as usual, LSM is free entrance, and organized by volunteers, so join and enjoy.

Libre Software Meeting from 6 to 11 july 2010

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