COCLICO start : we’ll finally held the kickoff soon

The COCLICO (yes, we’ll have a website soon, I hope) R&D project in the french cluster on FLOSS has been setup quite a long time ago, and we’ve awaited anxiously the time we could start working on it.

Several hazards happened in the way when some initial partners withdrew from the final consortium. Hopefully, we managed to make it anyway, by replacing them on some key tasks, and we’ll probably be able to run the project anyway.

So we’ll finally have the kickoff meeting on early october, and will finally start working on fostering the libre forges ecosystem.

I hope this will provide useful contributions to the community and to FLOSS in general, alhough we’ll have to overcome the difficulties in such collaboration projects before we can deliver real concrete things (like establishing common work practices, agreeing on tasks to be done, building trust, maximizing meetings efficiency, having a good signal/noise ratio, and generally produce good FLOSS quality even though not everybody have the same constraints). I hope we’ll be able to stick to a release early + release often habit anyway.

Looking forward to tell you more about it once we’ve started.

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