Hello Planet Debian

Hi all Debian news addicts. If all goes well, I should now be part of the Debian planet, thanks to the good Planet Maintainers.

In a few words, I’m a Debian Maintainer, and long time Debian fan (although sometimes disappointed by it, but love hate relationship is sustainable in the long run, it seems ;)).

My most significant contributions have been on helping maintain bts-link… and generally I’m interested very much in bugtracking, Semantic Web, and tying that with what’s done in Debian and more generally in Free Software. I’m focusing on these aspects as part of our Helios project funded to work on producing FLOSS 🙂

My debian tag‘s feed will tell more about me and my progress in contributing to Debian, from now on.

4 thoughts on “Hello Planet Debian”

  1. Welcome! Note that you don’t have to limit your p.d.o postings to Debian-related stuff, it’s your choice, but many people enjoy reading about the lives of the Debian community members in general.

  2. Well… on the contrary, people like me sometimes are pissed by holiday stories, restaurant reviews and other such matters…

    OK, there aren’t any here usually… but, let’s limit to Debian things first.

  3. Oui, c’est vrai ça, pourquoi pas d’histoires de famille, de chat, de barbecue et de voisins?

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