We’re hiring a FLOSS developper to work on bugtrackers synchronisation

We’re hiring a software engineer, for 15 months, to work on bugtrackers synchronisation

(see full version of the offered job description here — et une version en français également : ici)

We’re looking for a software engineer to join our PFTCR team, in order to complement our R&D manpower on the HELIOS project. We’re responsible for a work package whose goal is to study and implement a system which would fit in the HELIOS platform, to ensure synchonisation between bug-trackers.

The workplace would be here in Evry (France, Paris area) for a duration of 15 months, under a french CDD contract (starting first quarter of 2009). The development done during the work on this project will be contributed back to FLOSS projects.

Strong know-how in software development as well as interest for research issues are expected from the candidates. Also, a good knowledge of the open source development tools, and of the dynamics of the libre software development communities is expected (distributions, packaging, QA). A practical experience of contribution on an open source project would be a plus (typically as Debian developper, for instance).. Technical english skills will be required (as well as notions of french, considering the french nature of the environment).

If you’re interested and available early 2009, I definitely want to hear from you.
See more details in full version of the offered job description.

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