Piloting slides with bluetooth phone made easy on Debian

Well, it’s really easy to be able to pilot OpenOffice Impress presentations with a bluetooth phone (mine is Sony Ericsson K610i) with the provided “remote control” tool of the phone.

I only had to activate HIDD in /etc/default/bluetooth (HIDD_ENABLED=1) and pair the phone with gnome-bluetooth (which, btw allows transfer of files like pictures taken with the phone’s camera), and voilà, it works. All I have to do is select the device to pilot from the remote control app on the phone, and select my computer in the list of bluetooth devices found.

Previously I had used “hidd –connect” command, but that’s no longer necessary.

Thanks to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothRemoteControl for helping me notice how easy it can be.

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