“beta” PicoLibre/PicoForge Debian packages

Christian has just issued some new PicoLibre/PicoForge packages in order to be able to get more tests on a hopefully much more phpgroupware-compliant code.

Nothing spectacular so far, but a major rewrite of many picolibre modules in phpGroupware, which should easy a lot maintainability (and enhance security).

Next steps :

  • Integration of subversion in addition to CVS in the picolibre-backend, protected through chroot jail, with SSH and LDAP. It’s almost ready and should be in a testable state next week…
  • Integration of TWiki : some bits are almost ready too : we should be able to use a LDAP plugin in TWiki to be able to use the LDAP users and groups of PicoLibre, and a new phpgroupware application is currently being written to allow project’s wikis creation…

I hope that we will be able to test all that on the production platforms at INT and ENST Bretagne soon (before the Hephaistos and phpGroupware confs in november).

For the installation instructions, for the curious : more details in the CVS

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