Carl Storz

Carl Storz

Langues et Sciences Humaines


Hi and welcome to my site!

I’ll start to introduce myself by saying that I am an American from Northeastern Pennsylvania. Learning foreign languages to communicate and getting to know foreign cultures have always interested me which explains my choice in learning French, studying languages and language teaching. I specifically in teach basic but vital (professional) communication skills, such as: listening, speaking, writing, pronunciation and lexis. I did my thesis on Anglicisms in French and am interested in lexical items and history shared among languages and cultures.

Working at TMSP since 1986, I have been exposed to ICT which explains another interest combining learning and electronic/digital media. Now I think of taking advantage of new technologies in developing resources to help learners with the above skills. The big advantages are digital resources on a network are multimedia, readily accessible, user-friendly, which all may contribute to a useful, effective, and meaningful learning experience.

Besides working, I enjoy traveling, architectural history and gardening. One of my greatest experiences in life was a trip around the world in 1992-1993.

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