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Michel Simatic


Professor, at Télécom SudParis since December 2002
MARGE team

Engineer of École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise (ENSIIE)

Mail: Michel.Simatic At
Phone : +33 1 60 76 45 61, fax : +33 1 60 76 47 80
Office: Building B room 310.1
Postal Address: TELECOM & Management SudParis, 9 rue Charles Fourier, F-91011 ÉVRY Cedex, France
  • Trains: a middleware for uniform totally ordered broadcast
  • ZebroGaMQ: a communication middleware for (mobile) games based on RabbitMQ

  • ICEBreak : Projet Eurostars
    Subject : "Interactive Cinema Experience through advanced storyboarding and mobile devices to BREAK the fun frontier"
    Period : From March 2012 to November 2013

  • TOTEM : Inter Carnot-Fraunhofer program
    Subject: "Communication middleware for mobile games"
    Period: From September 2009 to August 2012

  • Play Online : FUI project
    Subject : "Communication middleware for mobile games"
    Period: From July 2009 to June 2011

  • PLUGANR project
    Subject : "Development of pervasive games with NFC-enabled phones in the context of a museum"
    Plug: Secrets of the museum is one of the results of this project (in collaboration with CoDesign Lab & Media Studies).
    Period: From January 2008 to December 2009

  • JEMTU: Project internally founded by Institut TELECOM
    Subject : "Games on mobiles: Technologies and usage"
    Period: From January 2006 ro December 2008

  • GASPOpen Source project (OW2 consortium)
    Subject: "Middleware for multiplayer games on mobile phones"
    Period: Since June 2005

  • MEGA: Project internally founded by Institut TELECOM
    Subject : "Architecture for multiplayer games on mobile phones"
    Period: From January 2004 to December 2004

  • M. Simatic
    Radio Frequency Identification from System to Applications, chapter Choosing the right RFID-based architectural pattern
    INTECH, June 2013, pp 27–47. ISBN 978-953-51-1143-6
    (link to the book)
  • M. Simatic
    Contributions au rendement des protocoles de diffusion à ordre total et aux réseaux tolérants aux délais à base de RFID
    PhD thesis, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), octobre 2012.
  • E. Gressier-Soudan, R. Pellerin, M. Simatic
    Chapter 10. Using RFID/NFC for pervasive serious games: the PLUG experience
    Editors : Syed Ahson, Microsoft, Redmond, Washington, Mohammad Ilyas, College of Engineering & Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University. CRC Press. Taylor and Francis. Sep 23th 2011. pp279-303. ISBN 9781420088144
  • A. Gentes, C. Jutant, A. Guyot, and M. Simatic
    Designing mobility: pervasiveness as the enchanting tool of mobility
    Proceedings of the 1st international ICST Workshop on Innovative Mobile User Interactivity (IMUI 2009). San Diego, USA, ICST, 29th October 2009.
  • M. Simatic
    RFID-based replicated distributed memory for mobile applications
    Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services (Mobicase 2009). San Diego, USA, ICST, October 2009.
  • M. Simatic, I. Astic, C. Aunis, A. Gentes, A. Guyot-Mbodji, C. Jutant, and E. Zaza
    “Plug: Secrets of the Museum”: A pervasive game taking place in a museum
    Demonstration in proceedings of Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2009, Eighth International Conference, Paris, France, September 3-5, 2009, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, 67–74, September 2009.
  • A. Gentes, C. Jutant, A. Guyot, and M. Simatic
    RFID technology: Fostering human interactions
    Proceedings of IADIS International Conference Game and Entertainment Technologies 2009, pages 67–74. International Association for Development of the Information Society (iadis), IADIS Press, K. Blashki, editor, June 2009.
  • Sébastien Jourdain, Julien Forest, Christophe Mouton, Bernard Nouailhas, Gérard Moniot, Franck Kolb, Sophie Chabridon, Michel Simatic, Zied Abid, and Laurent Mallet.
    ShareX3D, a Scientific Collaborative 3D Viewer over HTTP
    Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on 3D Web Technology, Web3D’08, pages 35–41, New York, NY, USA, 2008. ACM.
  • R. Pellerin, E. Gressier-Soudan and M. Simatic
    uGASP (ubiquitous Gaming Services Platform): an OSGi based midlleware
    Demonstration at International Conference on Pervasive Systems (ICPS), Sorrento, Italy, July 2008.
  • A. Rawat and M. Simatic
    Issues for multiplayer mobile game engines
    Proceedings of Game-On 2007, 8th International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation, Bologna, Italy, 76–82, November 2007.
  • R. Pellerin, F. Delpiano, F. Duclos, E. Gressier-Soudan et M. Simatic
    GASP: An open source gaming service middleware dedicated to multiplayer games for J2ME based mobile phones
    Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Games, Angoulême, France, 28-30 Novembre 2005.
  • R. Pellerin, F. Delpiano, E. Gressier-Soudan et M. Simatic
    GASP : Un intergiciel pour les jeux en réseaux multijoueurs sur téléphones mobiles
    Actes des deuxièmes journées francophones "Mobilité et ubiquité", UBIMOB'05, Grenoble, France, 31 mai-3 juin 2005.
  • M. Simatic, S. Craipeau, A. Beugnard, S. Chabridon, M-C Legout and E. Gressier
    Some technical and usage issues for mobile multiplayer games
    Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Games : Artificial Intelligence, Design and Education, Reading, UK, 8-10 Novembre 2004.
  • M. Simatic and B. Vilain
    Service management: The forgotten side of IN service development
    Proc. of 5th International Conference on Intelligence of Networks, Bordeaux, 13-15 May 1998.
  • C. Baradel, Y. Eychenne, L. Junot, B. Kohen and M. Simatic
    Fault-tolerance and on-line maintainability in a process control supervision system
    Distributed System Engineering #2, 1995.
  • Y. Eychenne, M. Simatic, C. Baradel, L. Junot and B. Kohen
    The use of object groups to implement dependability in a process control supervision system
    23rd International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, Toulouse, France, 22-24 June 1994.
  • G. Bernard, D. Stève and M. Simatic
    Placement et migration de processus dans les systèmes répartis faiblement couplés
    Technique et Science Informatiques, vol. 10, n°5, 1991.
  • G. Bernard et M. Simatic
    A decentralized and efficient algorithm for load sharing in networks of workstations
    EurOpen '91, Tromsö, 20-24 May 1991.

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