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Welcome to my new homepage at Institut TELECOM / TELECOM & Management Sud Paris / TELECOM Sudparis (previously known as GET/INT/Télécom INT ... yes, that's a bit too much)

Short bio

Since 2002, I'm a Research Engineer at Institut TELECOM, working on the TELECOM & Management SudParis campus, for the INF department of TELECOM SudParis (all previously known as GET/INT/Télécom INT) in Évry (France).

I'm a senior software developer, specialized in libresoftware in general and softwareforges more specifically.

I'm also elected as a representative of Institut TELECOM agents in several internal committees (more details in mandates).


I may be reached by email at (former addresses were <> and <>)

To contact me in a confidential way, please use my GpgKey

I'm also available by instant messaging on Google talk as for instance.

See also to find other means of contact.

Research activities

See Research activities for details of my professional activities.

More about me

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To know more about my activities, see my professional weblog

Visiting me

Here's a Google map to Institut TELECOM, SudParis :

Agrandir le plan


Here's an unsorted short list of the 10 most recent publications / presentations (See also : more publications for full list) :

Improving community awareness in software forges by semantical aggregation of tools feeds
Posted mar. 16 sept. 2008 15:11:07 CEST

Plate-formes pour le développement collaboratif des logiciels libres
Posted mar. 16 sept. 2008 15:05:29 CEST

Authenticating from multiple sources in a forge, presented at OSS 2007
Posted mer. 12 mars 2008 19:35:50 CET

Le logiciel libre en voie de reconnaissance mondiale, dans la banque des savoirs de l’Essonne
Posted mer. 12 mars 2008 19:32:15 CET

Collaboration avec des projets libres - enjeux, difficultés et bonnes pratiques (JRES 2007)
Posted mer. 12 mars 2008 19:27:40 CET

Conférence sur la contribution dans les projets libre à Brest le 15 février 2008
Posted mar. 11 mars 2008 23:16:03 CET

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