Current research activities

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Current interest topics

  • Quality assurance process at large scale in the FLOSS communities : how to provide developers and maintainers, packagers and other actors with interoperability solutions in order to improve quality, response time, monitoring facilities, etc.
  • Distant learning laboratories : how to use virtualization, containers or cloud tools to devise laboratories for teaching in MOOCs, for instance. In this context I've worked on :

Other / past interest

Other more general or past topics, keywords, and research interests :

  • Interoperability and standardization
  • Semantic Web and Linked data
  • Libre Software production, distribution and maintenance (distributed development, software forges, bugtrackers, packaging, etc.)
  • Virtualization and Cloud

Contracts / projects to which I'm participating

  • FLIPS (Formation(s) en Ligne à l'Informatique [à|de] Paris-Saclay), funded in the frame of the call Former avec le numérique dans l'université Paris Saclay of Idex Paris-Saclay, since 2014:
    • development of a MOOC on Relational Database
    • development of a framework for self-assesment / learning on introduction to Computer Science (algorithmics in Python)

Institut Mines-Telecom projects / teams

I was part of the PFTCR team (Plate-formes de Travail Collaboratif pour la Recherche et l'Enseignement Supérieur) at the INF department of Telecom SudParis, but it is being merged into a newly created team called PROSE (more details to come)

Other collaboration projects

Debian maintainer

I'm a Debian Developer, and maintain a few packages (more details at

FusionForge contributor (

Past activities


Program Committee member of Free / Libre / Open Source Software Research Track of OpenSym 2014 (Berlin)


PhD jury member for Andrei Sambra.

2008 - 2012

Co-organiser of the software development track of "Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre"


Contributor to the ADMS.F/OSS (Asset Description Metadata Schema for Free and Open-Source Software) specifications for the ISA program of the EC

2009 - 2011

COCLICO project (FUI) on forges interoperability

2009 - 2011

Contributor to the OSLC-CM (Open Services for Life-cycle Collaboration - Change Management) open specifications

2008 - 2010

HELIOS project (FUI)


Contrib 2.0 GET project (projet incitatif).


Coordinator of the international research track at FISL 7, Porto Alegre (Brasil)

2004 -> 2006

EU FP6 CALIBRE project (Coordination Action for LIBRE software).


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