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Short bio

Since 2002, I'm a Research Engineer at Institut Mines-Telecom, at the INF department of Telecom SudParis, based on our Évry campus (Paris area, France).

At Télécom SudParis, I usually don't teach much, and dedicate my time to supporting research activities of the team and department.

I'm specializing in the field of Free/Libre/Open Source software (FLOSS) in general, and more specifically on the software development process and tools used in FLOSS communities. I've been interested in many other inter-disciplinary aspects of the FLOSS ecosystem for many years.

I have been contributing to projects like FusionForge or Debian, in order to try and foster interoperability solutions and standardization.

In recent years, I participated to European and French R&D projects studying or contributing to FLOSS (CALIBRE, HELIOS, COCLICO).

Previously, after graduating from Grenoble University (France), I have worked for several years in IT Service Companies as a software developer, and as a Libre Software expert.

my WebID/FOAF profile (RDF) will tell you more.


Instead of these barely maintained pages, the most authoritative source of information about me is my professional weblog.



I may be reached by email at <olivier.berger@telecom-sudparis.eu> ( former addresses were <olivier.berger@it-sudparis.eu>, <olivier.berger@int-edu.eu> and <olivier.berger@int-evry.fr> )

To contact me in a confidential way, please use my OpenPGP key.


See also http://www.olivierberger.org/ to find other means of contact.


See research activities for details of my professional activities.


See publications for a list of papers.

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